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In this section we want to promote the PE provision and sporting achievements at East Acton Primary.

PE and Sport Statement at East Acton Primary


Our aim with PE and Sport at East Acton Primary is to provide opportunities for physical learning for all pupils. We want all of our pupils to be happy and healthy and enjoy physical activity. PE should be diverse, engaging and fun.  As a school we are striving to provide new and varied physical activities for children before, during and after the school day. We want all of our pupils to be engaged in their physical learning and aspire to constantly improve. We believe that through PE and sport, children will enhance their academic learning, as well as living healthier, happier and more productive lives.

PE Overview

Throughout the academic year, children from Reception, through to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, are introduced to a wide range of sports and physical activities to give them secure skills and fitness. Below is an overview of some of the topics covered for each year group. Beginning this academic year (2018-19), Swimming will be staggered through Years 4, 5 and 6, to ensure children acquire better swimming ability before leaving East Acton Primary and don't miss out on outdoor physical learning.


Year Group  Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Reception Multi-Skills


Invasion Games

Year 1 Multi-Skills


Invasion Games

Year 2 Multi-Skills


Invasion Games

Year 3 Multi-Skills


Invasion Games

Year 4


(Aut 1 & 2)


(Spr 1)



Invasion Games

Year 5 Multi-Skills


(Spr 2)



(Sum 1)


Invasion Games

Year 6 Multi-Skills




(Sum 2)


Invasion Games 


Picture 1

Year 5 Wallball Tournament – 06/07/18

On Friday 6th of March, 10 very eager East Acton Primary students travelled to Westway Sports and Fitness Centre to partake in two Handball events. Firstly, the group took part in an Eton Fives taster session. The students had never heard of this sport and were excited to give it a try. Our boys and girls took to the sport as naturals.

When Adam O was asked how he felt before playing Eton Fives he replied with, ‘Very excited because I have never played it before.’

After lunch, the students participated in a Wallball tournament. This gave our students’ a chance to compete against other school children, which was a first for some. They all displayed fantastic Wallball skills and showed a determination which saw East Acton Primary School finish as overall CHAMPIONS!!! This was an even greater achievement considering the group had only practiced the sport a handful of times.

It was amazing to see an exceptional level of sportsmanship shown by all East Acton students throughout the entire day. Please check out the pictures/player reflections below. Well done East Acton! The school is very proud of your performances!

How did you feel before leaving for the sports centre?

Phea – I felt nervous but I felt confident .

Did you like the sport Eton Fives? If yes, why?

Brayan – Yes I did because I tried a new sport.

How did you find playing in a sports tournament against another school? What did you like best about it?

Phea – It was hard as I lost twice. I liked making new friends with the other school.

What did you enjoy most about the day?

Brayan – I liked that we won the trophy.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11


On Friday 4th of May, East Acton Primary contested against the nearby King Fahad Academy. It was the Year 6s turn to compete this time, with the school sending a boys football team across and a girls netball team.

Boys football team: Mohammed, Kareem, Nuux, Hasan, Mahdi, Cristiano, Suleiman and Nathan
Girls netball team: Asalah, Rowan, Moyo, Iman, Ranim, Angel, Sara and Rhea


Result = East Acton 4 – 0 King Fahad Academy

This was an outstanding result for our Year 6 boys football team. The team showed fantastic determination and worked exceptionally well as a team. Thank you to Miss Gobin for coaching the boys on the day.

Goal scorers: Mohammed 2, Suleiman 1 & Mahdi 1


Result = East Acton 2 – 6 King Fahad Academy

Our netball team played tremendously well considering they had very limited practice in the build up to the match. After a cautious start, the girls began to come out of their shells and showed a huge amount of determination. The girls then clawed their way back into the game and displayed brilliant netball skills all over the court.

Goal scorers: Iman 2

A very big thank you to King Fahad Academy for hosting us and for providing our players with refreshments, healthy snacks and certificates after the games.

Please see Mahdi’s and Moyo’s player reflections below.


Mr Pritchard

Player reflections:

Mahdi – ‘I was excited to play against one of our rivals as they had a good reputation!’
‘After playing the game, I’ve now learnt that it’s not one player who carries the team, it’s the entire team.’
‘I would also like to say thank you to King Fahad for letting us use their great facilities.’

Moyo – ‘Leading up to the game I was feeling very excited about playing King Fahad because I haven’t played a netball match with them before.’
‘After playing the game, I have learnt to try and be able to pass more to people close to me instead of all the way across the court.’
‘I think going there made me love netball more, it was so much fun and it was a thrilling experience.’

Picture 1
Picture 2

After-school Sports Clubs - Summer Term

Mr Pritchard has begun his daily after school sports clubs, providing children throughout the school with coaching in a range of sports. Below are some photos. We will update this page with testimonials from the participating children soon. no


The students of East Acton Primary showed tremendous support for Sports Relief last week. All school pupils took part in various sporting challenges which included super squats and planking. The school was then well prepared for Sports Relief’s main event on Thursday, the ‘Daley’ Mile. Student’s enthusiasm and commitment saw them successfully complete the mile (either running or walking). Teachers and children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and were guaranteed to sleep well after burning off all that energy!

The school would like to give a huge thanks to all the parents/children for their generous donations. All money raised supports over 2,000 projects in the UK and around the world, including such things as mental health, maternal health and malaria.

Please see the below pictures from the Acton Park Club where the ‘Daley’ Mile took place.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13

Year 4 Football Tournament – 09/03/18

On Friday 9th of March, East Acton Primary attended the Queens Park Rangers Inspirational Women’s Football Festival. 8 year 4 girls teamed up to face 3 other local schools. East Acton’s group consisted of Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, Field End and King Fahad Academy.

Although the girls didn’t win this time around, they all played well as a team and showed great sportsmanship. Please check out the pictures below. Well done East Acton! The school is very proud of your performances!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Years 5 and 6 Featherstone Football Tournament - 18.1.18

East Acton Primary's footballers produced a series of outstanding performances to come 4th out of 19 schools in the borough of Ealing. The girls won both of their groups; undefeated until a narrow loss in the semi-final. They should be so very proud of their performance; I know we as a school are supremely proud of them. They showed phenomenal skill and sportsmanship throughout the entire tournament, representing the school impeccably. Go East Acton! Check out the player reflections and pictures below. 

Player reflections

Below are some reflection from the girls who participated:


I've learned that teamwork makes the dream work 

Angela, Year 5 Oak  


I've learned that helping each  other helps you to make new friends

Hana, Year 5 Oak 


I've learned that should not just rely on yourself. You can let others help you. And you should LOVE FOOTBALL!

Teagan, Year 5 Oak 


I have the skill of being a sub 

Amran, Year 5 Oak

Playground Friends Reflections


Angel, Year 6 Sequoia:


In my playground, I play games with the children. If anyone is sad or lonely, I play with them and ask other children if they would like to play with them too.


Ever since I started doing Playground Friends, I have enjoyed all the time, as I have made new friends. 


It would be great if we had more games to play, so if you find any other fun games, please tell the Playground Friends. 


The children have been really nice and friendly to me. 


Thank you for choosing me to be a Playground Friend. smiley

Playground Friends Display

Check out our new display, promoting the phenomenal attributes of our amazing Playground Friends!

Picture 1

Playground Friends 2017/18

Below are photos of our Year 6 Playground Friends for 2017/18. These helpful students have taken it upon themselves to assist other children at play times. Their role is to ensure all children are engaged in active and fun play. They organise games and activities to keep their peers entertained and happy. 

They gained this responsibility by completing an application and then an interview with the headteacher Mr Pearce and PE Coordinator Mr Webb. This was a fantastically beneficial experience for the students and proved that they were up to the task of being a playground friend. Check back for blogs and vlogs from our Playground Friends as the year progresses. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

Inclusive Football Tournament @ Berrymede Primary 15.12.17

Below are the results from an inclusive football tournament, kindly organised by Berrymede Primary. This was a fun, accessible tournament with mixed boy/girl teams. East Acton had two teams compete, both with great success, coming 3rd and 1st in their groups. A huge well done to all the children who competed and big thanks to Berrymede once again for organising this wonderful event which showcased amazing skill and sportsmanship in all the players. 


1st Teams league


East Acton – 18 points

Berrymede – 12

Derwent water – 10

Blair peach – 6

Tudor – 3


2nd Teams league


Derwent water – 18

Tudor – 9

East Acton – 6

Blair peach –5

Berrymede – 4

Year 5 John Perryn Football Friendly - 11.5.17

Below are some pictures from the Year 5 football friendly against John Perryn. The photos were kindly donated by Sara's dad. 

Both the boys and girls team did fantastically well.  The boys were in a real high scoring thriller, but unfortunately lost 8-4.

The girls' game was a much tighter affair, but they managed to finish victorious with a 2-1 victory.

Check out the pictures below and stay tuned for the away fixtures this week. 


QPR Girls Football Tournament @ GOALS Alperton - 21.3.17

On Tuesday 21st March 2017, seven girls from years 5 and 6 played in a girls 6-aside football tournament. The girls did fantastically well and improved greatly through the tournament. Adna Dahir gets a special mention for her amazing saves in goal, winning her a medal for her efforts! Congratulations to the entire team. Go EAPS!!! 

Quick Sticks Hockey @ Featherstone High School - 8.2.17

On Wednesday 8th February, six Year 5 children competed in a Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament at Featherstone High School. It was their first time competing in Hockey Tournament and they did fantastically well. Check out the pictures below! 

New Traversing Wall

Over the summer, we installed a new traversing wall in the top playground. This cool installation will help to keep the children active during play times. Either side of the traversing wall is a unique mural depicting our class trees and the green parakeets that fly around this area. We hope to extend the traversing wall in the future. Check out the pictures below!

Sport Relief 2016

This year the school raised a grand total of £391.72! A massive thank you to everyone who donated. The money all goes to help those less fortunate, so very well done indeed! 

Picture 1

King Fahad Athletics Competition - 11.5.16

On Wednesday 11th May, nine children from East Acton Primary, four Year 4s and five Year 5s, went to King Fahad Academy to compete in an athletics competition. The children competed in 30, 50 and 150 metre races. The long jump, shot putt and then to finish, 4 by 4 Chinese relays.

East Acton triumphed, winning 7-5! We won a trophy and a heap of medals which you can see in the pictures below. Our athletes did magnificently and we can't wait to compete against King Fahad again in the near future. We would like to thank the King Fahad Academy for organising the magnificent event.

Go East Acton!!!  

Change 4 Life Festival with Derwent Water Primary - 14.4.16

East Acton hosted a 'Change 4 Life' festival with Derwent Water Primary. Our Year 4 Maple Class competed against children from years 3 and 4 from Derwent Water. The children played several games which got them active and having fun.

The aim of the day was to have fun through sport, make friends and engage with healthy lifestyle activities. 

We really enjoyed the afternoon and look forward to hosting another festival in the near future. Check out the pictures below!

Picture 1

Sport Relief 2016- 18.3.16

On Friday March 18th, Sports Relief 2016 took over East Acton. Children came to school wearing their sporty attire, brought donations and ran a mile (or more) to help raise money for the charity. Sport Relief does great work, helping children around the world get a better education and have a better quality of life. We were happy to do our bit, while getting fit and active in the process. Check out the pictures below of the children's, and staff's, fantastic efforts. A big thank you for all the donations- it really will help some of the least fortunate in this world. Bring on Sport Relief 2018! :)

Year 2 QPR Football Festival- 11.2.16

On Thursday February 11th,  nine Year 2 children took part in a QPR Football Festival at the Westway Sports Centre.  They competed in 6-a-side matches, against five other schools from the neighbouring boroughs. East Acton performed very well, winning two games, including a thumping 3-1 victory!

All of the children were magnificent both on, and off the pitch. They represented East Acton wonderfully, as ever, and were commended by the QPR staff for their delightful attitude and sportsmanship. Photos are below. 

We look forward to more competitions later in year and Sport Relief in March, when the children will be travelling a mile to raise money for charity.  

Go East Acton!

Sports Blogs

On this page, we will start posting reports, written by the children, sharing their sporting experiences. We will begin by looking at some reports of Year 3 and 4s football matches in the first round of the ESL.

Iman (Year 4, Maple Class) 16.12.15

On the 16.12.15 we played a match against two classes.

The classes were Chestnut Class and Cherry Class.

The first match was Red from Year 4 and Red from Year 3. The score was 5-0. Year 4 won!

The other side was Yellow team from Year 4 and the Yellow team from Year 3. The score was 2-0. Year 4 won!

The second match was Green team from Year 4 and Green team from Year 3. The score was 3-2 Year 3 won. :(

The other side was Blue team. The score was 5-0 to Year 4.

Then Cherry and Chestnut played one another.

Aisha (Year 4, Maple Class) 16.12.15

On Thursday we had a football match with Year 3 (Cherry and Chestnut). Mr Webb had organised the football matches. He had four Year 6s to help him during the matches. So we (Maple) came first to do some training.

After a while, Cherry and Chestnut came. Yellow Team (which I am in) and Red Team were in the first match. Because we have two pitches in the bottom playground, Red Team were allowed to play as well. Red Team were versing Chestnut Red Team and the other teams had to watch and cheer.

When the match was finished, we swapped so Blue Team were on the pitch and Green Team were on the pitch as well. We swapped again but this time Cherry played Chestnut.

Then we shook hands and wished everybody good luck.

Sara I (Year 4, Maple Class) 16.12.15

We anxiously entered the playground. Today we were versing Year 3!

Mr Webb called our teams to get our bibs and a ball to warm up with. After ten minutes, Year 3 came.

Blue Team (Year 3 and 4) and Green Team (Year 3 and 4) had to watch Red and Yellow play.

When we went to play I was really anxious. I wasn't sure if my teammates were also anxious. The whistle blew, then we played. When it was half-time, I was really tired. We were winning 3-0.

When half-time was over, I was in goal. I was really scared to let any goals through. My team scored two more goals. Then Blue Year 3 were close. They kicked...

They scored! I let a goal through. Still, we were winning. After a few minutes, the match ended. We won 5-1.


Mohammed (Year 4, Maple) 16.12.15

When we went outside I was ready for this. Then we were up. Their team looked good. The whistle blew and we got started.

Then I scored a goal. And a minute later Meshari scored a goal but Adam (Year 3) scored three goals and the score was 3-2. We lost!

A while later, we were against another Green Team and I knew what we had to do. I scored and it was over. The score was 1-0. 

Angel (Year 4, Maple Class) 16.12.15

A few days before the last day of term, Year 4 and the Year 3s, were played one another at football.

We battled them very well. I was in the red team. The people who were in my team were Iman, Rafay, Thomas, Tasniem and Islam.

In the first match, my team actually won! Year 3 were good for their age.


East Acton Sports League
The East Acton Primary School Sports League (ESL) is a new intra-school sports competition.
Every term, classes will compete against each other in  different sports and multi-skills.
Every child will compete. The most important aspect is that we try our best and ENJOY ourselves. Being physically active is very important and we must also learn to compete with others in a civilised and sociable way. 


There will be four coloured teams in each class:


Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, just like on Sports Day.


During  the autumn term we have competed in football matches. 


Next in spring term, is netball! And it will be athletics/multi-skills during the summer term. 


Have a look at the pictures of the football matches below. I must commend the children on their sportsmanship during these matches. It was a pleasure to see and made the atmosphere really enjoyable and lovely. 



Youth Sport Trust Silver Quality Mark 2015-17

East Acton have been awarded with a Silver Quality Mark by the Youth Sport Trust. This reflects the progress East Acton has made at improving the provision of PE and Sport throughout the school. We're very proud to move from Bronze to Silver and we will now look towards meeting the objectives for the Gold! Looking at all of the PE and Sport below you can see we are moving forward in a really positive way. Well done East Acton Primary!

Picture 1

Year 3 QPR Football Festival 15.10.15

On Thursday 15th October 2015, ten Year 3 children took part in an inter-school football festival at the Westway Sports Centre. For many in the group they were playing in the same festival they had entered last year in Year 2. You can see the pictures of that event further down the page. 

The football festival this academic year was equally as successful. The team did wonderfully and those who were new to the team fit straight in. Well done Year 3, you did East Acton proud! Have a look at our super team in the pictures below. 

year 3 qpr football festival at the westway sports centre 15.10.15

Sports Day 2015

Another wonderful morning of sport and athletics! Thank you to all the family and friends that joined us. It was a brilliant turn out and I know the children treasure you support.

Congratulations to our winners the GREEN TEAM! All the children competed with great sportsmanship and passion. We look forward to the summer term when we will hold trials for the sprints and practise another new event! Have a look at the pictures below.

Innovation in PE Award 2014/15

East Acton have been awarded an 'Innovation in PE Award' for our progress improving PE and Sport provision over the last year. If you look at all the PE and Sport on this page from the last year, you will see we have come a long way in a short space of time. We would like to the Featherston School Sport Partnership for the award and their help in making East Acton more active. 

Picture 1
Picture 1



We have been running a Change 4 Life during lunchtimes this year. The club is run by six 'Sports Leaders' in Years 6. These children perform as games organisers and provide fun and physically active games for children in Years 3 and 4. We hope that this club will provide the children with a safe space to get moving and help lead a healthier lifestyle. Please watch the video below to hear from both the organisers and participating children.


Still image for this video

QPR Soccer Schools

QPR Community Trust will be running their popular Soccer Schools during the Summer Holidays at a number of local venues. Courses are for boys and girls ages 5-14 yrs old. To see where we are running, or to book a place visit

Southfield Park Primary Friendly (30/6/15)

East Acton played superbly against Southfield Park Primary, on what was a very hot day. The final score was 3-2 to Southfield Park Primary, although as a team we felt that two of our goal efforts were wrongfully disallowed. This however, can happen in matches, and it about how you move forward from decisions that don't go your way. I was very impressed with our efforts and I am optimistic we can provide Southfield Park Primary an even more competitive game when they visit us. We'd like to thank Southfield for organising the game and congratulate them on their well earned victory. 

Southfield park primary friendly (30/6/15)

John Perryn Primary Inter-school Football Tournament (19/6/15)

On Friday 19th June, John Perryn Primary School hosted an inter-school football competition. East Acton fielded a Year 5 team whowere up against many Year 6s. We achieved one win, two draws and three losses, which I think is a fantastic achievement against very skilled opposition. We'd like to thank John Perry Primary for hosting the tournament and we hope to return next year and be even more competitive. Congratulations to the winners at St. Vicent Primary.

John Perryn Primary Inter-school Football Tournament (19/6/15)

QPR Year 6 Leavers' Tournament at Goal Wembley (10/6/15)

Below are pictures of Year 6's efforts in a Year 6 leavers' tournament, hosted by QPR. The competition was incredibly fierce and to be honest, we were beaten well. However, East Acton were commended for their great sportsmanship, on a day when many children from other schools did not. As a school, we compete fairly and with great respect for the opposition. We should be proud of that. Well done Year 6, we hope to hear of your future sporting successes in secondary school. 

QPR Year 6 Leavers' Tournament at Goal Wembley (10/6/15)

QPR Football Fun Day (2/6/15)

On Tuesday 2nd June, QPR organised a second 'Football Fun Day' at The Park Club. The children were put through their paces by the QPR coaches. All children displayed fantastic football skills and had a great time. Thanks to QPR once again and we look forward to another fun filled day next academic year. Have a look at Maple Class' skills in the photos below. 

Enabling Enterprise

Active Minds Project

This project encouraged students in Year 5 to be adventurous and imaginative in planning and launching a new Fitness Session that would inspire activeness, as well as encourage students to have ‘Active Minds’. The students put their creativity and organisation to the test as they designed their own Fitness Session. Once their sessions were pitch perfect invitations were sent out to Year 4 and Year 6 to take part in a trial run. The feedback was very positive, many students enjoyed the activities that had been put together and thought they really got their hearts pumping!

Year 5 Active EE project with Year 4 pupils participating

Key Stage 1 QPR Football Festival (12/3/15)

On Thursday March 12th, ten Year 2 children were selected to play in a football festival organised by QPR Football Club at Westway Sports Centre. Just like the Year 3 competition earlier that week, there were no league tables, or scores recorded; just lots of football. East Acton played 5 matches in total on the day. We took a game to warm up. Despite performing admirably, we lost the first game. BUT, we then went on to win the next FOUR IN A ROW! Outstanding performance from our wonderful Year 2s! The children should be very proud of their performance. Have a look at the pictures from the day below. E A P S ARE THE BEST!

Year 3 QPR Football Festival (10/3/15)

On Tuesday March 10th, ten Year 3 children were selected to play in a football festival organised by QPR Football Club. 21 schools from west London competed in the competition which was played at the Westway Sports Centre. There were no league tables, or scores recorded; just lots of football. East Acton played 6 matches in total on the day. There were victories, draws and losses, with some fantastic skill and teamwork displayed from all of our children. The children had a lot of fun and learnt a great deal from the experience. We look forward to more competitions in the future. Have a look at the pictures from the day below. GO EAST ACTON!

Picture 1

QPR Football Training at The Park Club

On February 5th, QPR held a training day at The Park Club. Year 2 to 6 enjoyed an hour of training each. The kids performed fantastically and really enjoyed their sessions. We would like to thank QPR and their staff for putting on a fantastic day. Here are some pictures below.


Queens Park Rangers will be launching two new Soccer Schools this Easter holiday at Trailfinders Sports Club, West Ealing and at The Alec Reed Academy, Northolt.  The Courses will run from 30th March – 2nd April and then 7th April – 10th April and are available to boys and girls aged 5-14yrs old. Price is £18 per day when booked in advance. To book a place or for more information visit and click Online Booking. 



As part of the Olympic Legacy, the Government are providing Primary Schools throughout Britain with extra funding for PE and Sport. This is fantastic news and will ensure that as a school we can provide better equipment and extra opportunities in sport. We have already used some of the additional funding to buy wall bars for our school hall. These will provide a fun and challenging resource for Gymnastics lessons and have already proved to be very popular with pupils.


A full breakdown of how we are spending the Sports Premium can be found on this website under the 'KEY INFORMATION' tab above. 

The new hall wall bars

Picture 1



East Acton Primary have been awarded a Bronze Quality Mark by the Youth Sport Trust for our PE and Sport provision. We have demonstrated our commitment to improving PE over the coming years. It is our aim to instill a philosophy and vision for sport that will engage all children in their physical learning. We aim for all our PE lessons to be inclusive and provide activities that develop all pupils' agility, balance and coordination (ABCs). This will make certain that all  children are 'physically literate' and healthy throughout their lives. Over the next five years we will aim to move from Bronze to Silver, and eventually, Gold Youth Sport Trust Quality Marks.

Year 2 Multi-Skills Competition with Berrymede Infants

On Tuesday 7th of July 2014, Holly Class (Year 2) competed against Year 2 students from Berrymede Infants in a multi-skills competition at East Acton Primary. The children competed in activities that tested their running, ball skills, jumping ability, balance and core strength. It was a really fun competition and both sets of children demonstrated fantastic fundamental skills. Year 2 have been using the FUNS program all year to help improve their fundamental physical skills. It was evident from Holly Class' excellent performance in the competition, that the children do now have much improved physical literacy and this will help them to engage and compete more in PE and sport in Key Stage 2.


The children gained points for their class by completing activities successfully. Sadly, Year 2 had one child missing that day so we lost the competition on points gained, but overall our children did better individually. Berrymede performed very well and I was very impressed with their behaviour and physical skills. We hope to compete against them in new academic year with a full class. frown


I would like to thank the staff at Berrymede Infants and Iris Yee from The School Sports Partnership at Featherstone High, for their help organising the competition. 






Back in March the Year 5 and 6 boys played two friendly 7-a-side matches against John Perryn Primary School. The first match was played at East Acton and ended in a 4-3 loss. The East Acton boys had a stellar first half, establishing a fantastic 3-0 lead. Unfortunately, John Perryn showed great courage and resilience, scoring four in the second half to gain the victory.


The following week East Acton went over to John Perryn for the away fixture. Yet again, the East Acton team demonstrated fantastic spirit and skill and carried a 1-0 lead late into the second half. Sadly, they couldn't quite hold on and conceded a late goal. The final result was a very respectable 1-1 draw.


Future football fixtures will be reported here and we are currently in the process of acquiring a new kit. Watch this space... :)

Home fixture at East Acton Primary (25/3/14)

Home fixture at East Acton Primary (25/3/14)  1
Home fixture at East Acton Primary (25/3/14)  2

Away Fixture at John Perryn Primary (1/4/14)

Picture 1



Back on March 21st, East Acton ran a mile for the Sport Relief Charity. We managed to raise an impressive £358.13. We thank the Park Club for letting us use their grounds. Here are some pictures of what was a brilliant day.

Sport Relief (21/3/14) The Park Club, Acton