East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

World Book Day Story 2017

Whole School Story 2017

Yr3 Hawthorn

Once upon a time there was a magical torch. The torch was magical because it had a tiny, mischievous person inside. However, the person could only be set free when somebody switched the torch on. When the person is set free you are granted three wishes. The torch was found by a little girl in her garden one day; it had been buried there for many years. When she found it, it was rusty and dirty with mud. She cleaned it off and brought the torch into East Acton School for show and tell on Monday morning when…

A child in class asked if he could swap the torch for a mobile phone that he had brought into school. The girl said “Yes”, but as they went to swap it the torch switched on and the girl turned into a frog, she then jumped off to find a pond shouting ‘Ribbit, Ribbit’……

Yr3 Holly

As the little girl hunted for a pond to have a little dip in, she was extremely confused.

“A frog! I’m a frog! How did this happen? I’m sticky and slimy, Eew!” she said.

Looking around, she found herself in Acton Park and knew exactly where to go to find a cooling pond. Jumping towards it she could see something glinting in the sunshine. It was coming from a lily-pad in the centre of the pond. Well…considering she was a frog now she decided to make the most of it and made her way out towards the mysterious site, carefully jumping on lily-pads as she went.

As she reached her destination, she saw it was a gold coin. On it was written ‘SPIN THREE TIMES AND MAKE A WISH.’ Thinking she had nothing to lose, she picked up the coin with one of her webbed feet and spun it. Round it went: once, twice, three times.

Then she croaked, ‘I wish I was a little girl again, back at East Acton Primary School.’

In a flash, she found herself back at school. She looked down.

“Two arms, two legs, fingers, toes, a body - thank goodness, I’m a girl again!” she shouted. “Now, what next?”

Y4 Lime

Suddenly, the small girl saw an old man tutoring a noisy and unsettled class. The old man was babbling about a long lost torch. He explained to the class that many years ago, when he was a young boy, he and his mischievous brother were playing with the magical torch. All of a sudden something horrible happened. The young boy’s brother had shaken the torch so hard that a crack appeared on the glass and he was sucked into the torch itself…


“Oh my goodness,” cried the small girl. “Did that really happen?” she asked.

“Yes it did …. errr… ummm, hang on what is that clanging sound?” asked the old man.

The girl turned out her pockets to show some old rusty metal keys. There were lots of different sized keys. The old man was shocked!

“Where on earth did you find these? I have been searching all my life for these old mysterious keys,” confessed the old man joyfully.

He gently took the keys off the young girl and finally thought ‘my brother will be free now…’

Year 2 Chestnut

Slowly and carefully, the old man inserted one of the keys into the lock on the torch and turned it. Sure enough, the lock popped open! The old man and the little girl peered curiously inside and pulled out a small velvet pouch. They lifted the flap and in the middle lay a dusty and dirty egg. The old man pulled out a large spotted handkerchief from his top pocket and polished it. All of a sudden, it began to glow red, silver and gold. It got hotter and hotter and small cracks started to appear around the shell. An almighty smashing sound was heard and out of the egg appeared the old man’s brother! But he was accompanied by a small, strange looking beast…

Year 2 Cherry

The small, strange looking beast was in fact a young girl. She had long brown, straight hair with a neatly cut fringe. She also had large green eyes as green as wavy grass. The young girl was smartly dressed wearing a short blue skirt and a red baggy jumper with a name tag. Her name was Mandy. Mandy looked extremely tired and confused. She looked at the old man and asked “Who are you? Where am I? What’s going on?”

Year 4 Maple

Mandy was trembling. She didn’t know these people. ‘Will they harm me?’ she thought to herself. But then she was reassured by the sight of the old man’s brother, who had just appeared from the torch too. “Jack!” she squealed, hugging the boy joyfully.

“Mandy and I have been trapped in that torch together for who knows how long,” Jack said gently.

The old man (Mr Jones), Jack’s brother, looked confused.

“I know how Jack got trapped in the torch, but how did you get in there?”

Mandy pointed to the name tag on her jumper.

“It was my first day at my new school, East Acton Primary. After lunch we were helping the teacher plant flowers in the school’s nature garden. It was a beautiful summer’s day. I was so happy. My job was to dig up the weeds. I was digging and digging until I found this old wooden box. I opened the box and inside was a gold coin and a torch. The torch which you found me in. Before I could show the box to my teacher or classmates, I was sucked into the torch. That’s where I met Jack and where we have been trapped until today.”

Year 5

“But how did you manage to get sucked in?” questioned Mr Jones – he had a perplexed look on his face.

“Well,” began Mandy. “I remember pushing the button on the side of the torch and almost going blind from the bright light that beamed from it. Light then turned into darkness in a flash as I was transported into a dark cylinder-shaped room. I was trapped there for something that felt like a never ending time lapse. Fortunately, I met Jack.”

Mandy threw an arm over Jack’s.

“Jack had been a hostage in the bizarre realm far longer than I was, so he was quite experienced. Every day we longed for a miracle to get us out, our frustrations grew as the days and months dragged out I can’t believe how long ….”

“I’m sure we would love to hear more, but what do we do with this torch?” Interrupted Mr Jones in a concerned tone.

Mr Jones’ eyes were fixated on the side of the torch. He started examining the strange marks that were on the side of torch. Mandy and Jack rushed over to Mr Jones.

“But how can someone just get sucked into an object?” Whispered Mr Jones to himself.

“She said it was buried in the garden of the school, so shouldn’t we go there?” said a small voice from behind.

Mandy, Mr Jones and Jack all turned around in perfect synchronisation.

“It is as though you all forgot I was even here” said the little girl. “We need to get to the garden, it is the only place all those questions will be answered.”

“The girl has a point” said Mr Jones, his eyes glistening with hope.

They all dashed out of Mr Jones’ classroom, determined to find answers.

Year 6

The band of unlikely investigators hurried down the corridor towards the nature garden. With each step that they took, you could hear the heavy breathing that accompanied their thumping hearts. They did not know what they would find; they did not know if they would find anything at all. All they knew was that they had to find something if they were to unearth the truth about the mysterious events that had brought them (rather surprisingly!) all together.

Weaving through the puzzling warren of corridors, Mandy led the charge as they passed dozens of empty classrooms. At the end of the final corridor, an unknown, shadowy figure stood blocking their exit. They stopped dead in their tracks. The figure moved towards them as if in slow motion. As this unknown stranger crept closer, her features began to appear: her wrinkled face was framed with brown hair scattered with grey streaks and crimson glasses magnified her gleaming eyes that were fixed on Mandy.

“Mandy? Mandy, is that you?” the woman almost whispered as she clutched her chest in surprise.

Mandy stepped forward.

“Mrs. White? Y-yes, it’s me. You look…different. W-w-what happened?” Mandy stammered through her shock.

Mrs. White took a deep breath as she looked around the group in front of her before launching into a full explanation of what had happened: Mandy had vanished twenty years ago…they had searched and searched for her but every clue led to a dead end…eventually, they had lost hope that they would ever find her.

Mandy stood paralysed; her mouth hung wide open as she tried desperately to find the words to fill the uncomfortable, stony silence. Luckily, Mr. Jones spoke up.

“We need to bring this misery to an end once and for all,” he declared. “Give me the torch and coin,” he demanded as he turned to face the little girl, standing at the back of the group.

The little girl handed over the objects, which had brought so many people so much despair, that were then placed in the box in which they were originally found.

Taking charge of the situation, Mrs. White grabbed the box from Mr. Jones’ hands.

“I know just what to do with this…” she stated as she turned on her heels and walked out into the gardens.

The box was buried and the keys thrown into the pond. Never again will these sinister items fall into innocent hands. Never again will anyone have to face such suffering. Never again…