East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Year 4 Hawthorn

Welcome to the Year 4 Hawthorn Class!

This term our focus for topic is the Ancient Egyptians, as you know we have arranged a workshop in school to help give the children a chance to explore the wonders of this timer period. If you would like to do some research at home with the children please visit this link below to watch a fantastic array of videos about the time.


We are looking at King Tut's tomb, click on the link below to explore the wonders of his death. 






Our foucs of this week has been looking at how we can partition numbers by looking at the value of the digits based of their placement within a place value table. 




As well as this we have also been looking at how we can represent this number in other ways for example. 




12 hundred and 34 ones

1 thousand 23 tens and 4 ones


Areas we will be looking at this term are:

Place Value and understanding what each part of a four digit number represents as well as looking at the ways we can create a number. Below are some of the resources we have in using class. 


Things to do at home

Please can I ask that you practise reading different types of clocks with the children and encourage to say the time in different ways such as: 3pm, 3 o'clock, half past 3 or 3:30. 





Please continue to work on the children's times tables to 12 including the inverse. Also number bonds to 100 as the children are still finding this challenge to answer quickly.


Math Passports

The children will doing mental calculation tests focusing on:

- Doubling and halving numbers

- Adding and subtracting numbers to 30

- Multiplying and dividing by 2

- Adding and subtracting one digit numbers to a two digit number 

- Partitioning numbers 30=20+______



This term we will be looking at Diary writing using the text the Silver Swan. We will be writing the entries as two of the main characters, one as the mother fox and the other as the young boy. We will be focusing on the scene where the fox kills the swan and the feelings of each character.


We have written a diary entry as the mother fox and will now be moving on  to using what we have learnt to write as the little boy focusing on his feelings and emotions during the scene where he witnesses his beloved swan being murdered!



Guided Reading

The children will be focus on the reading domains 2a, 2b and 2d this term. We will be rotating through these and focusing on fact retrieval and inference questions each week to help support the children's understanding of the text we have been reading.


As well as this we will be doing comprehension activities throughout our units where we will continue to focus on the reading domains below. Please can I urge you to use the table below when reading with your children to help them develop these skills. If you would like support understanding the table please come and see me and I can discuss it with you. 




give / explain the meaning of words in context


retrieve and record information / identify key details from fiction and non-fiction


summarise main ideas from more than one paragraph


make inferences from the text / explain and justify inferences with evidence from the text


predict what might happen from details stated and implied


identify / explain how information / narrative content is related and contributes to meaning as a whole


identify / explain how meaning is enhanced through choice of words and phrases


make comparisons within the text




This half term the children will be looking at Animals including Humans. Please visit this website with the children to look at the human digestive system as we will be focusing on this for the next few weeks.



Our PE this half term is swimming, can I please ask that each week the children have two hats with them this is for in case one breaks they have another to use. Unfortunately they will not be allowed to swim without a hat. We had a wonderful first session and it was commented on how well behaved our children are. Well done Hawthorn! 


Homework and reading books

Handed out: Friday

Due in: Wednesday

Book reviews: When the children have finished a book I would like them to write a book review for one of the two books they have been given. These will then be placed in a folder in the book corner to help other children choose a book. Please ensure these are done neatly as some will be chosen to go on the reading display in the corridor. 


Kind regards,

Hawthorn Team