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Mastery in Mathematics at EAPS

Mastery in Mathematics


Inspired by the fundamental principles and the key ideas of the teaching for Mastery (Based on the research of NCETM) and consistent with the aims of the Primary National Curriculum for England, our school’s teaching is underpinned by a belief that the vast majority of pupils can succeed in learning mathematics in line with the National expectations for the end of each key stage.


In lessons, pupils use a range of practical equipment to help them grasp and consolidate their understanding of new concepts. They move between concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of mathematics to help them recognise links and connections within each concept and between different concepts too. Pupils explain different strategies and methods when solving problems. 


Above all, our provision nurtures pupils' curiosity around this subject and brings enjoyment to pupils, parents and staff.   


5 Big Ideas of Teaching for Mastery