East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"


Writing - Relative Clauses (Complex Sentences)

  • Go through the PowerPoint to learnt how relative clauses can be used to help form complex sentences
  • Complete the tasks from the worksheet

Extension: Write complex sentences using your spelling words from this week

--> Please note that these do not need to be printed. The sentences can always be written separately on a piece of paper to avoid printing.

**As soon as all of this is done, message your teacher on J2e to let them know how you got on.

Spellings to practise


lead, led, past, passed, morning, mourning, proceed, precede, principle, principal -


Here are some spelling games, that you can play to help to learn how to spell the words.

Reading for Pleasure (30 minutes)

Choose a book that is age appropriate to read  for at least 30 minutes.


  • Note down any new words and their meanings

** Challenge: Use the new words you've learned in your writing tasks.