East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Past Home Learning Resources


J2e tasks have started to be uploaded.

There will be a schedule for each day (covering regular school hours) with tasks attached. Please ensure that you check the schedule in advance in order to prepare your child for what will be coming up the following day.

Please encourage your child to share their pieces of learning with their teacher, through the J2e platform (including photos of learning), and to respond to any marking given.


Many thanks

Ms Harvey and Mr Webb

The following resources are provided to support learning at home in the event of a school closure.  Parents may choose to: 

  • Download and print the resources for children to work on.


  • Provide the resources for children to see on the screen while they do their work on paper or in an exercise book using the resources as a guide.

Use of these resources should be combined with:

  • ongoing reading at home,
  • learning of spelling words
  • Learning of number facts and times tables
  • Use of My USO through which children can access online resources and educational games and complete tasks set by their teacher

A suggested time table is also provided to give a structure and routine for each day.