East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

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Monday 30th March 2020


Dear Sequoia and Oak,


We are very proud of the commitment and hard work you have been continuously displaying since the beginning of this academic year and especially now, during this unprecedented time, you are showing your increased maturity as you have stepped up and are facing different challenges but still working hard. 

Thank you for completing your activities and tasks and staying in touch with us with your comments and questions. This shows your dedication and your positive attitude towards your learning.


Let's Stay safe and connected!


Year 6 Teachers



Monday 23rd March 2020


Good morning Oak and Sequoia,


I hope you are safe and well. As agreed, please access all the learning activities using your USO login details. Please use the instruction (attached) on how to access it.

All the files and activities for this week will be placed in the folders created just for you to complete at home and share them with us so that we can mark them and give you your feedback.

Instructions about activities will be attached using the J2e5 Digital paper which you will be able to access from your 'shared files' to help you with your tasks.

You can use the 'learning communication' tool (click on the speech bubble) to ask questions during each day. 

Let's stay safe and connected!


Year 6 Teachers


Additional activities and resources

The following activities and resources are not compulsory but provided to further support learning at home.

Parents may choose to: 

  • Download and print the resources for children to work on.


  • Provide the resources for children to see on the screen while they do their work on paper or in an exercise book using the resources as a guide.

Please ensure that you complete the activities your teachers set on a daily basis first.

Use of these resources should be combined with:

  • ongoing reading at home,
  • learning of spelling words
  • Learning of number facts, times tables and maths passports

A suggested time table is also provided to give a structure and routine for each day.