East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Mr Mark's Challenge games

To watch videos on how to different daily challenges click on the link called PE below. 

Mr Mark's Challenge games


Day 1: Core Values




For this exercise you need 3 books placed out in front of you whilst you are placed in a press up position.


How to play


Keeping your back straight and toes and elbows keeping you on the floor, move the loo roll to different books, in any order, whilst keeping your back straight.


If you fall over or lose balance start again!!!


How many times can you move the loo roll across the 3 books in 60 seconds??



Day 2: Side to side shuffle




All you need is or 5 books depending on space. Which need to be placed horizontally a metre apart from each other.


How to play


From where you stand is marker 1, the next is 2 then 3 and so on.


  • From your athletic stance shuffle your feet from 1 to 2, then back to 1.
  • Then 1 to 3 and repeat the same to 4,5 .
  • Then repeat the process starting from 1 to 5 , 1 to 4 back to 1


See how quick you can manage the task in 60 seconds!!!


Day 3: Angle catch



3books, or anything as markers, pair of socks/ball /loo roll


How to play:


Have 3 markers, one from where your standing and one to the left and right of you diagonally a metre away.


  • Have a partner or family member 3 or 5 steps away from you as long as space allows it, throw a sock/smallball/loo roll at you.


  • Standing in your athletic position you will use quick feet to move to where your partner throws their item.


  • Make sure your hands are ready at all times, and your partner can call out where they are throwing.


Repeat this 10 times then swap over.


Find it too easy??


Have the person catching face the other way and react to the call!!!



Day 4: Coordination circuit



Using a small ball/ pair of rolled up socks do the following:


How to play

Throw the ball/socks up 10 times whilst:


  • -hopping on one leg
  • -clapping in between the catch and hopping on one leg
  • -throwing the ball/socks behind you and spinning round to catch
  • -the same as above but on one leg
  • challenge: to increase the difficulty you can try catching with one hand, start with your strongest first then try it with your weakest!!


Day 5 :  Catch Concentration challenge



You can use any item for this a sock/loo roll or tennis ball will do.


How to play


-With a partner or parent stand 3 4 metres apart, each holding an item, standing in your athletic position, throw to your partners same hand.


-If throwing with your left hand it will be left –left, right-right, and keep the chain of throws going for as long as you can without dropping the items, if you drop the item or your partner both of you have to do 10 press ups.