East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Year 1 - Beech

January 2021


Good Morning Beech Class,


I hope you have all had a wonderful two weeks off school and that you have rested after all your hard work last year. School may be a little different over the next two weeks and some of you will be working from home


I will be here or Google Classroom  to teach you online. I am looking forward to seeing you all complete the tasks set on here daily. If you have any questions please email
Today I will be posting small task for you to have a go at completing at home.


I look forward to seeing your work, if you print off the work and complete it on paper feel free to upload a photo to the task as I would love to see what you have been doing.


Miss Major

Week 5

Reminders: your child's reading book will be changes once a week, feel free to read the book more than once or to include your own reading from home in their journal. 


Homework is in on a Tuesday and I remind all children to get their books our on their bag three times on that day. If they have not got their homework book out please remind them to hand it in to support their independence. 


Pick up time is 3.15pm please remember you can pick up your other children at that time too, the gates will be open until 3.30pm - please remember to social distance to help us keep our bubble open. 



We have been learning about the book Farmer Duck and next week we will be moving onto 

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Please take some time to enjoy this book with your child at home.


We are practicing to use sound mats when writing, we have been saying our words or sentences, sound out each word, looking for the sound on our sound mats and then writing down our sounds to ensure Miss Major can read our work. If you would like to practicing writing at home encourage your child to sound out words rather than copy words or spell them out. 


Example: The duck was sad.


The and was are red words - the children are learning how to remember red words so that they are not stuck in their writing.

duck - d-u-ck 

sad - s-a-d


We have been practicing finding one more and one less in our maths learning see below.

We will be continuing this and moving onto addition soon.



We have been amazing in our phonics and have been practicing set 1 and 2 sounds in our writing, please remember your child needs to know the sound when its on its own and in a word in a variety of ways before they are secure. Keep practicing sounding out words in books and when reading things like signs, magazines, leaflets to help your child remember their sounds.

Week 3

We are all settled in Year 1 after two weeks of practicing our routines, how to do our best learning and most importantly getting to know one another. We have been practicing our phonics, basic math skills and writing words using our sounds. The children enjoyed sorting objects in Maths and drawing story maps in English. Thank you for collecting your children in the one way system and using our class email to tell me anything important

Please see the sections below to see what we are learning about next week and anything you can do at home to support them.



We have been revising our set 1 sounds and practicing to use them to blend and help us in our writing. Please see the clip below for correct pronunciation of the set 1 sounds. 

It is very important your child knows their sounds as they apply their phonic knowledge to other aspects of learning. Your child will use their sounds to spell, read and write.

Read words are taught differently but children are still taught to sound out every other word, not spell using letter names.

You will see all of the sounds your child will need to know in their homework book on Friday.




Your child will be finishing 'Peace at Last and we will begin 'Farmer Duck' Please feel free to read the book together before we start this book.



Your child will be practicing counting to 20, writing the words for each digit and showing each number in a variety of ways.

Welcome Back to School Beech Class.


I am very excited to welcome you back to school and meet you. There will be lots of exciting things for us to do in our first week, so get ready to smile and laugh as we learn in school again. 


Important things to remember

- Drop off time is 8.50am-9.00am

- Collection time is 3.15pm

- Please wear your full uniform

- PE day is a Monday, please come to school in PE kit.

- Please bring a water bottle that is clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Settling back into school life

We will be focusing on two books to support us in establishing routine and enjoying the school day. ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘The Dot’ These books encourage children to think about their feelings while building confidence and resilience, we will becoming artists using paint and cutting and sticking coloured monsters to talk about our feelings and how to manage them. 


In English we will be reading a brilliant book called ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. We will be retelling the story in our own words, actions and drawings as well as writing all about Mr. Bear and why he cannot sleep! See the video below to read the book with your child.





We will be sorting objects into groups and representing numbers in lots of different ways. You could practice counting to 20 and backwards at home while cooking dinner, or even count your steps on the walk to school. 






We will be practicing using our sounds through phonics games, I wonder who will enjoy a treasure hunt around our classroom as we look for our sounds using a special map! This week we will be focusing on the initial sounds while we settle back into school and establish a routine. The children will be looking at these sounds in particular:

- th

- sh

- ch

- qu




I look forward to the fantastic week ahead of us and getting to know you all. If you have any questions or things you need to discuss please make an appointment to see me.