East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Year 1 - Beech

Christmas show 13.12.17

Pirate day! 24.11.17

Our year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed their local trip around Acton Park.
Below are the children's comments on what they saw.


The leaves are falling down.

I see big trees and green grass.

I can see lots of logs and twigs.

I can see different colours of leaves on the ground.
Leaves have become red, yellow.

I can see orange colours and brown.

When asked why trees are green in autumn.

They are ever green. I can see a holly tree like holly class. It has berries.

Phonics in Year 1

There is a great emphasis on phonics in year 1 due to a phonics screening test at the beginning of June 2018. This is a yearly check that is done in all schools. Below are some useful websites/resources you can use to help support your child in phonics.


There are different phases of sounds that your child will be tested on during the screening check. Please practice the  phases and tricky words below as much as you can with your child.

Phase 2 and 3