East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Year 3 – Cherry

Hello Cherry class, 


This week it is Challenge week! 


Teachers have set some different challenges for you to complete over the week. There are lots of different challenges for you to try. For each challenge, there are prizes to win for for the best entries. To be in with a chance to win you need to submit your entries by Friday 3rd of July to this email address.


Make sure you read each challenge carefully and do your very best work! 


I can't wait to see what you do at home! 


Have fun with the challenges! 


How many can you complete? 


Miss Deverson


Easter letter from Miss Deverson

Dear Year Three Parents & Carers - please read the letter below with your child - from Mr Pearce

Daily tasks 25th March 2020

25th March 2020 Word of the Day


Mild: Can you use the word of the day in a sentence? 

Medium - Can you use the Word of the day when talking to someone at home? 


Hot - How many times can you use the word in the day? 


Extra hot - Can you think of autonyms and synonyms for the word? 


Miss Deverson hopes you are not being a nuisance for your parents and carers at home! 


Let me know how you get on with the challenge on MY USO

Home learning 24th March

Word of the day 24th March

Instructions to access My USO


Hello Cherry class, 

We are about to embark on an adventure of learning from home together! smiley I have already had some of you message me through MY USO asking for work for the weekend. This weekend I want you to relax, spend time with your families, and get some fresh air and exercise with your family members (If you are all well enough to). Some Art activities and Exercises for you to try and home this weekend will be posted on the website in the next post. 

From Monday I will be updating MY USO every day home learning tasks I would like you to complete. The learning tasks can be found in the J2 Launch section. If you were not able to come to school and get your log in. Please contact the school and ask for it. Instructions will also be posted to the class page. If you do not have a tablet or laptop at home, J2 Launch has an app on the apple store so the learning can be accessed from a phone as well. In J2 launch you are able to send me messages so we can keep in touch. 

I will miss seeing you all every day, and look forward to seeing your work and hearing from you each day. Remember to be helpful and kind to your parents and care givers. Look after yourselves and keep washing your hands (Rub your hands together properly and go through your times tables). 

Keep displaying the positivity and resilience you always show at School! 

Miss Deverson 





Weekend Challenges


How many challenges can you complete? 

Today Miss Deverson went for a walk in the local Park with my Housemate, and completed one of the Art activities. I will post a picture at the bottom. I used the word erratic in a sentence.  I saw a boy riding his bike erratically through the park. He was zig zagging across the path and almost ran me over!


Extra hot: Can you complete all of the challenges? How many family members can you convince to do the challenges with you?


Hot: Complete the Joe Wicks workout. Can you convince another family member to do it with you?

Medium: Complete one of the Art activities in the video. Can you create a background to go with your picture as well? I'm pretty sure Cherry class that you can do better than me!  Parent note! The picture took me half an hour to complete, because I very Carefully coloured in the picture and outlined it when I was finished! 

Mild: Use the Word of the day in a sentence. Can you teach other family members what the word means? How many times can you use the word correctly? Who can use the word the most correctly in your family?  




Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page.  You will find some links and information below to inform you about what your child has been learning and also some resources that children can use to reinforce their learning at home.
In Spring 1 we are learning about the Vikings for History and Rocks and Soils in Science. This term we have home learning projects to complete. 

On Friday 18th October 2019, Cherry Class went to Gunnersbury Park Museum to look at the museum and take part in a Roman workshop.

During the day, we got to dress up as actors and read a scene from a play, play with different toys from the past and dress up in clothing from the 19th and 20th centuries. In the afternoon, we participated in a Roman workshop. We got to see artefacts from Roman times, and dress up as Roman soldiers and slaves. During the workshop, children acted in the roles of Roman slaves and their masters. The workshop finished with children working together to act the Roman soldiers preparing to battle and forming the turtle formation with their shields.

On Wednesday 9th October 2019, Cherry class had a Roman day. We came to school dressed as Roman citizens. The day linked to our History topic.

During the day we

  • Examined  Roman artefacts
  • Used our reading skills by retrieving answers to answer a Roman quiz
  • Used our Maths skills to practise understanding Roman numerals by playing a Roman game.
  • Examined the arms and armour used by Roman soldiers
  • Re-enacted Boudicca’s revolt
  • Completed a battle drill as a Roman soldier
  • Experienced what life was like for a Gladiator during the Roman times

Year 3 have been learning about Friction

Friction is a force between two surfaces that are sliding, or trying to slide, across each other. For example, when you try to push a book along the floor, friction makes this difficult.  Click the link below to find out more about this topic.

Year 3 are Learning About the Romans

The Romans left their mark all over Britain. They gave us new towns, plants, animals, a new religion and ways of reading and counting. Even the word ‘Britain’ came from the Romans.  Click the link to find out more.


In English, we have been reading the text 'The Village that Vanished' and have been writing diary entries from Njemile and Abikanile's points of view.



We were visited by the Book Bus today and Year 3 enjoyed the opportunity to browse, make new book discoveries and discuss the books they bought.