East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Year 4 - Hawthorn

Welcome to Year 4 Hawthorn


Below are the documents you will need this week to help with your home learning. There is a task sheet that lays out all the work for the week. Each star will contain the work for the day. Please continue to read each day. Enjoy hearing each other read and spending time together learning and growing. I will also be putting this work on My USO in the Home Learning folder, please check the task folder each Monday as it will tell you what work you will doing.


Please remember you can contact me at if you need any help or support during this time. 


Dear Year Four Parents & Carers - please read the letter below with your child - from Mr Pearce

The tasks for the week ahead. Please read it at the start of the week.

Summer Term 2
Week beginning 13th July 2020

Can you be the best pirate?

The Pirate Game is an activity where each person in the game, on their Pirate game worksheet, places a set of symbols and values in a 7 by 7 blank grid. The grid is labelled A-G across the columns and 1-7 down the rows. Therefore you could place a 'shield' in A6, a '1000' in C4 etc etc. The class are given the first part of the lesson to place the 49 symbols and values that appear on their sheet in the grid. The activity then starts with the parent selecting a grid reference, lets say F1. The class then cross off that grid reference and get whatever symbol/value is in that grid ref. If they get a value they add this to their 'score' and this is kept as a running total throughout the game. If they get a symbol there is a particular purpose to each of these and the class are to either: put their hand up if their symbol has a 'tick' next to it or to use that symbol in the way stated below.

Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Cooking Challenge

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Week beginning 29th June 2020 
This week are we are giving the children a group of different challenge activities. Each activity has been created to inspire the children's love of learning and exploring the world around them. The teachers have attached their email addresses to the challenges, so you know which teacher to email the work to. Remember this is a week to inspire learning. Have fun trying out new things and learning through a collection of practical and varied activities. I cannot wait to see what you all achieve. 
Week beginning 22nd June 2020 
Week beginning 15th June 2020 
Summer Term 1

Times table Rockstars

Please have lots of fun playing Times Tables Rockstars. I look forward to seeing how you are all doing.