East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Year 4 - Hawthorn

Welcome to Year 4 Hawthorn


This half term the children will be learning about the Tudors. Our focus will be looking at Henry VIII changed the course of history and the impact he had on his people during his reign and also how he is still impacting us today. 


England is full of some fantastic places to visit if you wish to visit some of the places linked to the Tudors there is Syon House down the road which linked to Lady Jane Grey. Other fantastic places to visit are the Tower of London and also Hampton Court. As part of the children's learning we will be having a Tudor day on the 7th February 2020, more information to follow. 




The children will be learning about 'Wanted Posters' using 'The Iron Man'. We will be creating posters for the Iron Man listing all his crimes and the following week we will be creating a poster for the Bat-Winged-Space-Angle. 


Here is a bit about the book:

Mankind must put a stop to the dreadful destruction by the Iron Man and set a trap for him, but he cannot be kept down. Then, when a terrible monster from outer space threatens to lay waste to the planet, it is the Iron Man who finds a way to save the world.




SPAG Focus for the next few weeks:

- using brackets and dashes 

- past tense verbs

- descriptive details





This half term in Maths we will be looking at adding and subtraction. We have been using a variety of different methods to solve these questions. Using our knowledge of place value we will be developing our understanding of exchanging. 


Addition with no exchanging


Addition with one exchange


Addition with more than one exchange




In Science we will be looking at the different states of matter. We will be learning about how different materials are groups either as liquid, solid or gas. We will be carrying out experiments to look at how some materials can more from one state of matter to another. At the end of the unit we will be learning about the Water Cycle and the different process that water goes through during this cycle.