East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Year 4 - Hawthorn

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Welcome back, Hawthorn!

I am excited to welcome you all back after the summer holidays. I know this term will be full of lots of new ways of learning and traveling around the school, but it is still the same wonderful place you all remember. Before I start to talk about what we will be learning about we need to cover some important housekeeping.

Important information

  • Drop off: 8:40 to 8:50 (Main gates)
  • Collection time: 3:10 (Main gates)
  • Each child will need a water bottle that is clearly labeled with their name and class.
  • Children will be expected to wear full uniform when they return.
  • On PE days your child will be asked to come to school in their PE kit to avoid having to change for PE and store PE kits in school. Wednesday afternoons

For the start of this term, we will be reading the wonderful book called ‘The Silver Swan’ written by Michael Morpurgo. We will be using this book to inspire diary entries and writing a retelling of parts of the story.  I love reading this book as it explores the wonderful interaction between humans and the natural world around them. This book is about a journey of understanding and the changes that take place in our lives.  


‘A boy living by a Scottish loch sees a beautiful silver swan land on the water. She remains at the loch, mates and there are soon five cygnets too. The boy watches them in awe and pride. When snowy winter sets in, all the birds and animals around the loch must scavenge desperately for food. The fox also has cubs to feed....’



To help inspire our writing I have attached a video clip of Michael Morpurgo talking about how we can get into writing. 


Michael Morpurgo - How to Get into Writing


To help get us back into the wonderful world of maths we will be starting with place value. In year 3 the children will have learnt about ones, tens and hundreds and now we will be adding thousands to their knowledge. 


This week the children will be continuing their work with rounding to the nearest ten and hundred as well as learning about counting in thousands and how to represent 4 digit numbers. We will be looking physical ways using resources like below as well as in a written format both visual and abstract. 




This half term we will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians. The children will be answering the focus question ‘How and why did the Egyptians span so much of Ancient history more so than any other civilisation?’. They will be doing this through practical research of primary and secondary sources and learning how to unpick the past to help develop their understanding. The children will learn that the Egyptian period spanned across numerous other periods of history such as the Romans (learnt in year 3) and the Greeks and the Mayan (in Year 5 and 6). This allows the children to develop an understanding that time is not linear and that events can take place at the same time.

The children will be using specific skills this half term:

  • I can identify and describe changes between specific periods of history.
  • I can use dates and vocabulary relating to the passing of time, including ancient, modern, century, and decade, AD and BC.
  • I will know that the past can be divided into different periods of time.
  • I can create historically valid questions about similarities and differences.
  • I can choose appropriate sources to answer questions about specific people and events, going beyond simple observations.
  • I can examine and compare artefacts

The children will now use their prior knowledge of the human digestive system and their understanding of food to move onto seeing how our bodies work and process food. They will also take their knowledge of animals and see how their physical structure defines their diets.


Across this unit, the children will be looking at

  • Human teeth
  • Digestive system
  • Classification of living things
  • Food chains

How your digestive system works - Emma Bryce


Please ensure PE kits are warm enough for children to wear throughout the day as the colder months approach. Trainers may be worn on PE days. You will be told, in September which day your child has PE.