East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Year 5 – Maple

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Aut 2 - Week 6 - 2.12.19


Times tables

It is essential that children in Year 5 know their times tables up to 12x12 securely. They need to recall answers rapidly and know the inverse division calculations e.g 2x5=10 therefore 10÷5=2 or 10÷2=5. Please continue to practice times tables on a daily/weekly basis. Recite tables, as well as ask random quick fire questions. Below are some images to help and a link to 'Hit the Button', a fantastic online multiplication game. 

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Below is a link to BBC Bitesize with guidance on grammar. I really recommend studying this website for help before completing sentence work for homework and upcoming grammar tests. 

Aut 2 - Week 5 - 25.11.19

Anti-Bullying Week- Change starts with us!

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This is the wonderful video shown to the school in the Anti-Bullying Week Assembly 2019. These Maple pupils did an amazing job at conveying the important message that: change starts with us!

Aut 2 - Week 4 - 18.11.19

Class Poem - Planet Roll Call

Below is our class poem for the autumn term poetry recital, which will be before prize giving in the week beginning December 14th. Please learn the poem by heart as soon as possible. 


Planet Roll Call


Eight planets around the sun,

Listen as I call each one:

Mercury? Here! Number one,

Closet planet to the sun,

Venus? Here! Number two,

Shining bright, just like new!

Earth? Here! Number three,

Earth is home to you and me,

Mars? Here! Number four,

Red and ready to explore!

Jupiter? Here! Number five.

Largest planet, that’s no jive!

Saturn? Here! Number six.

With rings of dust and ice that mix.

Uranus? Here! Number seven.

A planet tilted high in heaven.

Neptune? Here! Number eight,

With one dark spot whose size is great.

Week 3 - Aut 2 - 11.11.19



This term is Science, we are continuing to learn about Earth and Space. We are focusing our learning on remembering key information and vocabulary on the topic. I will be sending home sections of a 'Knowledge Organiser' for the children to learn and I will informally test them to see how much they have remembered. Below is a picture of the knowledge organiser for you to have a look at and begin studying. I will also post some useful videos on the  topic below. 

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Year 5 Earth and Space Knowledge Organiser

Week 2 - Aut 2 - 4.11.19



We are beginning to look at descriptive writing in English. We shall be basing our writing on our class novel: Coraline.

In today’s lesson, our teacher helped us to memorise a model text through using a text map. This entire piece of writing was represented using symbols and images.

Once we memorised the piece of writing, we got into groups, and created our own actions to represent each part of the text map. This was then presented to the rest of the Year 5 cohort.

Test you child to see if they are able to recite the story based on the pictures of the text map below. 

Text Map from English

Text Map from English 1
Text Map from English 2
Text Map from English 3
Text Map from English 4

Aut 1 - Week 7 - 14.10.19


Science - Earth and Space

In Science, we are continuing to study Earth and Space. It is really important that the pupils retain the knowledge taught in Science lessons. Next term, I will regularly test the children on their knowledge about the topic. To help prepare, below is a link to a quiz which will be similar to the ones that we will complete in class. 

Aut 1 - Week 5 - 30.9.19



Using apostrophes to show missing letters/contraction

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Here is a video that demonstrates how apostrophes should be used to show missing letters; this is called contraction. Please watch the video before attempting this week's homework. This is an important aspect of punctuation which Year 5 pupils should be able to do consistently.


In maths this week, we have been reading and writing numbers including millions. The video below gives some guidance on number place value. Please watch this before attempting this week's home-learning. 

Making numbers to 10,000,000

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Aut 1 - Week 4 - 23.9.19


Greek Workshop- Friday 11th October 2019


Above are some ideas for Ancient Greek attire

We have booked a workshop for Friday 11th October 2019. This workshop will be used for the starting stimulus for the children’s learning on Greeks. They will have a chance to explore the wonders of the Greeks through numerous activities and encouraged to dress up for the day. 

The morning workshop consists of a short introduction to Greek life and culture, followed by other engaging activities.

After lunch, your Greek warrior will demonstrate his weapons and armour. Then the differences between the city states of Athens and Sparta are explored, and the children take a lesson in democracy, which is followed by a mini Olympic Games.

The great battle of Gaugamela between Alexander the Great and King Darius will round off an engaging and fun day.


The £9 payment should be returned by Friday 4th October with the signed permission slip. If you need another letter, please ask. 

Introduction to Year 5 Maple


Dear Parents / Carers,

                                   I am very much looking forward to teaching your child in this exciting first term at East Acton Primary. Below is an outline of what we will be learning about in class this term.



As you know, your child has already been learning using the Mastery Approach which allows children to develop fluency in number skills and confidence in reasoning skills. This term your child will be exploring the following topics in mathematics:

- Number and place value (numbers up to one million)

- Addition and subtraction

- Multiplication and division

- Graphs and tables

- Area and perimeter

Please ensure that your child knows all the multiplication tables up to x12 and can make division facts from them.



The English lessons include reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, handwriting and Independent Writing. The texts we will be basing our learning around this term are ‘Greek Myths’ and ‘Coraline’ by Neil Gaiman. Writing Children will be asked to write independently on a range of topics regularly throughout the term. We want children to produce written work that is interesting, grammatically accurate and correctly spelt. Their writing is inspired by texts of different genres which are modelled by the teacher so children know the format and range of vocabulary to use. The children will be adding to their Independent Writing Books focusing on these areas for development: - Range of sentence type (simple, compound and complex) - Figurative language (similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification, hyperbole, onomatopoeia etc.) - Focusing on different ways to start a story- incorporating description, dialogue and action - Varying pace of writing The National Curriculum has a strong emphasis on spelling and grammar, and the children will be encouraged to focus on these elements of their writing, across all curriculum areas.



In Reading lessons, the children are taught strategies to use in written comprehension. Children will be taught to refer to the text to support their opinions and use action, dialogue and description to read between the lines, and to understand characters' points of view. It is a requirement of the National Curriculum that children are able to read fluently and with accuracy; this is something that we would encourage parents to support at home. In all classes we endeavour to encourage children to develop a love of reading. It is essential, if your child is to achieve the expected standard for their year group, that they read on a regular basis at home, both to an adult and independently. Spelling In spelling the children will continue to be taught to understand and apply the concepts of word structure so that they can draw on their phonics knowledge to spell correctly. The children will continue with the Read Write Inc. Spelling Scheme. They will bring home lists of spellings to learn and will have a weekly test.



This term we will be studying Earth and Space, and Properties and Changes of Materials.



This term the children will be studying Ancient Greece and Global Positioning.


Religious Education / PSHE

This term, children will look at Christianity, and Health and Wellbeing.



There is a lesson every week taught by Mr Chelaru.


Art and DT

The children will be making Ancient Greek masks and cooking fresh produce.



This term the children will be working on choral singing, using rounds and a range of harmonies.


Physical Education

PE for this term will involve and range of invasion games. Correct PE kit must be worn for every session and it is advisable for children to leave this in school at all times. It can be taken home for washing at the end of each half term (or more often if required). For indoor and outdoor PE lessons your child will need: Black slip-on plimsolls or trainers, White t-shirt, black shorts or black track suit bottoms. All clothing and PE bags must be labelled clearly with your child's name. All items of school uniform must be labelled with a name.



Children will be asked to complete one piece of maths, one piece of English, spellings and Maths Passports. Maths and English tasks will be marked in class. Spellings and Maths Passports will be tested every week. Homework will be given out every Friday and should be completed and returned the following Wednesday. If you or your child need any assistance or have any questions regarding the homework, please see the class teacher.


Class Trips / Visits

The children will be partaking in an Ancient Greek Workshop on October 11th.



You will find up-to-date information on events in the school newsletter which is also on the school website. There is also a parent noticeboard as you enter the playground with the current newsletter displayed and notices with additional information. The newsletter is sent out by email every Friday afternoon (or a paper copy is sent to those without email). Letters with parental permission slips will be sent out via the children's book bags prior to trips. Please check book bags daily.


Finally, the support of the family is immensely important where pupil progress is concerned. Here are some key ways you can help at home:  Ensure your child gets enough sleep.

 Ensure reading happens for a short period every day. Be a reader yourself. Encourage your child to read quietly; read to your child; have your child read to you or a sibling; talk with enthusiasm to your children about what they are reading; visit and join the local library.

 Ensure homework is done and returned on time. Encourage your child to relish challenges.

 Talk to your child about their learning. Ask them about the learning skills they use at school and encourage them to use them. Our East Acton learning behaviours include: resilience, perseverance, resourcefulness, reflectiveness, collaboration and knowing when to learn on your own or with others.

 Praise your child for the effort they put into their learning.


I hope I have given you an insight into what is happening this term and answered any other queries which you may have had. I look forward to preparing your children for the next steps in their learning journey. 


Yours faithfully,

Mr Webb cool