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East Acton Primary School

Who's Who

Staff List


Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Pearce - Headteacher

Mrs M Corley - Deputy Headteacher / SENCO / Inclusion (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs M Tyndall - Deputy Headteacher / Teaching & Learning


Mrs A El Masry - Nursery teacher EYFS Phase Leader  & Science Leader

Mrs C Thompson - Year 2 Teacher (Chestnut Class) and Interim Year 1/2 Phase Leader & Phonics Leader

Ms V Wilkins - Year 5 Teacher (Lime Class) Year 3/4 Phase Leader & Maths Leader

Mr B Cracknell - Year 6 Teacher (Sequoia Class) Year 5/6 Phase Leader & English Leader



Ms S Bhatti - Interim SENCO (maternity cover)



Miss S Nanavati - Reception Teacher (Ash Class)

Ms S Rehmani - Year 1 Teacher (Beech Class)

Mrs P Narwall - Float teacher (KS1 and EYFS) (Currently on maternity leave)

Ms S Hennequin - Year 3 Teacher (Holly Class)

Miss T Gill - Year 3 Teacher (Cherry Class)

Mr M Webb - Year 4 Teacher (Maple Class)

Ms V Widdowson - Year 4 Teacher (Hawthorn Class)

Mr L Evans - Year 5 Teacher (Oak Class)

Ms Shah - Teacher Year 1/2 Phase Leader (currently on maternity leave)


Front Office Team

Ms I O'Hara - School Business Manager

Ms D Belabbas - Administrator

Ms O'Connor - Parent Support Adviser


Teaching Assistants

Ms M Dawkins - Nursery Nurse

Ms K Baker - Nursery Nurse

Ms M Wall - Lead Practitioner (HLTA) Reception (Ash Class)


Ms P Hammond - TA Year 1 (Beech Class)

Ms K Bedel - HLTA Year 4 (Hawthorn Class) (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs A Samatar - TA Year 2 (Chestnut Class)


Ms J Williams - TA - Year 4 Statement Support (Maple Class)

Mrs S Chohan - TA - Year 4 Statement Support (Hawthorn Class)

Ms C Costa - TA Year 3 (Holly Class)

Mrs A Denton - HLTA Year 3 (Cherry Class)

Mr D Mundle - TA Year 4 Statement Support (Maple Class) 

Ms N Smith - HLTA Year 5 (Lime Class)

Ms S Sterne - TA Year 4 (Maple Class)

Mr W Price - TA Year 4&5 Statement Suport


Mrs N Oliver - HLTA Year 6 (Sequoia Class)

Ms L Gobin - TA Year 5 (Oak Class)


Ms F Dualeh - TA - EAL Support

Ms Gulsham Mohamed - SMSA / Rec TA


Lunchtime Supervisors

Ms P Williams - SMSA

Ms D Hedges - SMSA

Ms A Ahmed - SMSA

Ms S Calver - SMSA


Premises Manager

Mr W Denton

Mr T Short - Relief Caretaker


Kitchen Staff - Harrison Catering Service

Mrs Metos - Catering Manager

Mrs S Williams - Catering Assistant

Mrs S Delwar - Catering Assistant

Miss P Campbell - Catering Assistant

Mrs H Farooq - Catering Assistant

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