East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"


Computing at East Acton Primary is designed to provide children with the skills needed to use and enjoy technology skillfully and safely. Learning is divided into these distinct areas: 


  • Programming
  • Computational thinking
  • Creativity
  • Computer networks
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Online safety


Each term, children take on different roles to learn specific aspects of computing: artists, photographers, programmers, vloggers, software developers, meteorologists, architects and more... Through these roles, children learn how technology can be used in different careers and pursuits. 

Code Club

Code Club is a weekly Computing club which focuses on improving pupils' coding skills. Members of the club then use their skills to promote computing throughout the school and assist their peers in computing lessons. Check out some of the projects we have been working on. 

'Lost in Space' - 17.6.19

This week we began work on an animation. This project tested our ability to add movement to sprites, as well as changing their size and colour. Below is a link to one that someone in another Code Club has made. You can check the code they used and edit it in order to make a 'remixed' version of your own. 

'Rock Band'- 12.6.19

We began Code Club with some CODING (of course). We used Scratch (a free online coding website) to create a 'Rock Band' program. We assembled instruments, a stage, a singer and then coded them so they made 'music'. Or something resembling  music. Check out the images below and get in touch with the children if you want to have a go yourself. cool