East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Impact - Our Pupils

Knowing more, Remembering more and Doing more


Our focus primarily is on what pupils have learned. With that in mind, our curriculum structure enables teachers and leaders to systematically track pupil’s achievement and progress as an ongoing process and provide support, assistance and rapid interventions effectively with aim to enable all learners to progress through the curriculum with confidence.

Pupils are actively involved in assessing their knowledge and skills at the beginning of each lesson, throughout the lesson and at the end of the lesson.

Pupils voice their opinions and describe experiences from their maths lessons. They reflect on their own skills and opportunities they have had in class to be appropriately enthused, motivated or challenged. This process allows pupils to actively connect new and existing knowledge, aid their long- term memory and enables them to develop their fluency and consequently unconsciously apply their knowledge and skills in much broader sense. 


‘High Challenge, low threat’ motto


Pupils are reassured when making mistakes and encouraged to take risks. Pupils gain the deep satisfaction after struggling with a particular task, thinking hard about it, getting it wrong, realising own mistakes or misconceptions and then getting it right.

Pupils have opportunities to demonstrate a depth of understanding by reaching deeper into each concept before moving on to the next topic and to apply their mathematical skills in other areas of the curriculum.

Teamwork and mutual respect is developed as children work together, build confidence, support and inspire each other.