East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Edible Playground

In Autumn 2019 we started the Edible Playground project.  We were all very excited about the transformation that started to take place throughout the school.  Raised planting beds appeared throughout the playground in which every year group would be planting, growing, harvesting & eating fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Our 'Green Space' (a piece of land behind our year 1 and 2 buildings) also started to be developed into an outdoor classroom with desks, benched and an outdoor whiteboard - all surrounded by fruit trees and other food crops.  The team from Trees for Cities (who helped fund this project) set to work creating the planting spaces and delivered an assembly on Monday 9th September 2019 explaining the project to the children. Planting began at the start of October with more support from Trees for Cities so teachers knew which crops to grow and when.  So as this project develops it promises to further enrich the curriculum, linking growing foods to history, art, science, mathematics and geography. It will teach the children about where foods come from and the importance and joy of healthy eating.  We now have 'Green Teams' in each class and a gardening club.  Our next step is to involve parents in growing some crops of their own!