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Maths Passports

Mental Maths Passports




Maths Passports are used as a strategy for improving children’s mental maths skills by tracking progression in their basic number recall skills.

Each pupil is given a passport with specific targets, set out in the world’s continents. These targets get progressively more challenging as pupils continue their ‘journey around the world’ from Year 1 to Year 6.



Our school expects pupils to demonstrate their instant recall skills for each target. (They should not be taking time to work out the answer to each question; they need to know it instantly). The targets are in line with the national expectations.

By The end of Year 6 pupils should complete all the passports and complete the stage called 'The Galaxy'.


Passport process:

  • All pupils begin at the stage appropriate for their age and skills in mental calculations. Teachers present each pupil with their own passport and a target card. Each target card has between 4 and 8 targets.



  • Pupils are assessed regularly on these targets as part of their maths lessons, using related test grids. Pupils need to demonstrate their instant recall skills and produce ten correct answers in less than one minute before each target can be achieved and each stage could be completed. In KS1, teachers may decide to increase the time before all the pupils become familiar with the procedure and accordingly adapt the pace.



  • Achieving each stage is celebrated in assemblies with certificates. The children are then given their new passports and new target cards.



Everyone enjoys Mental Maths Passports!