East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Sports Premium

PE and Sports Premium Statement

The DFE (Department for Education) continues to provide all primary schools with additional funding to increase participation in sports/games activities.


PE/Sports Premium

The dedicated ‘PE/Sports Premium’ grant was announced in March 2013 and began from September 2013. The funds go direct to school budgets so that individual schools can decided how best to use it to provide high quality sports and coaching activities for pupils.


This year East Acton Primary will receive £18,026 in PE/Sports Premium funding. The funding is allocated to the following areas in addition to existing school spending.

  • Provision of PE specialist teacher 1 day a week – to provide PE lessons & after school club - £8400
  • PE scheme of work including staff resource materials - £250
  • Increased sports participation in local competitions – Supervising teacher release £950 (£95 x 10 ½ day sessions of teacher cover)
  • Playground games equipment (lunchtime) £800
  • Provision of 12 extra swimming lessons across years Yr4 to 6 to support aim of swimming 25m. Children receive 32 lessons in total £3136.50.
  • Primary Sports Councillors/ playground Friend Training £400
  • Recruit an additional SMSA to promote games in the playground at lunch times £4111

TOTAL = £18 047.50


Impact of PE/Sports Premium

Sports games and PE have been a priority area at East Acton Primary for many years. Many pupils live in overcrowded homes with little or no yard access. We see it as a priority to give pupils access to a range of quality provisions.

• PE activities are led by skilled staff catering for a range of games, skills, dance and gymnastics.

• Majority of pupils from Reception – Year 6 engage and participate in lunchtime sports led by staff.

• Participation in sports competitions with neighbouring schools.

• In lockdown periods we continued with sports/games provision for key-worker vulnerable pupils and online PE/games challenges.


Percentage of Year 6 pupils who could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres when they left our primary school at the end of last academic year?


Percentage of Year 6 pupils who could use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke] when they left our primary school at the end of last academic year?


Percentage of Year 6 pupils who could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations when they left our primary school at the end of last academic year?