East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"

Battleship Puzzles

You will find a selection of Battleship puzzles, which are graded according to the level of difficulty using these colours:



Click on the puzzles below. There are two different versions: M. Word and PDF for your preference.

The Battleship puzzle consists of a 8x8 square grid made up of 64 squares.

When you start a game of Battleship, some squares will be pre-filled for you.



There is only one valid solution to each battleship puzzle. The only way the puzzle can be considered solved correctly is when all 64 squares contain one of the symbols (either a part of a ship or wavy lines) and the other Battleship rules have been followed:


  • The fleet of ten ships is hidden in the grid: one battleship (4 parts), two cruisers (3 parts), three destroyers (2 parts) and four submarines (1 part) in the grid.
  • The numbers to the left and above the grid show you the number of parts of ships found in each row or column.
  • Ships can be placed horizontally and vertically but must not be placed in adjacent squares, even diagonally.
  • Wavy lines indicate an empty patch of the see where no ship or part of a ship can be found.
  • Locate each ship correctly by placing each part into the correct squares on the grid.