East Acton Primary School "Growing Together"


Mathematics equips pupils with a powerful set of tools to understand the world. These skills are important in every day life and in many forms of employment.  Some of the skills children gain from Mathematics include logical reasoning, problem solving skills, and the ability to solve increasingly complex problems. It is a creative discipline which allows children to make connections with the world.


Here at East Acton Primary School, we aim to provide a high quality mathematics education. Our mathematics curriculum focuses on children becoming fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics which include number, shape, data handling and problem solving. In lessons children use a range of practical equipment to help them grasp new concepts and consolidate their understanding of key concepts. Children move between concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of mathematical problems and concepts with opportunities for children to explain their strategies and methods when solving problems.  We also provide children with opportunities to reach deeper as they demonstrate a depth of understanding before moving on to the next topic.  Children are also provided with opportunities to apply their mathematical skills in other areas of the curriculum. Above all, we aim to provide a sense of enjoyment and curiosity around this subject.  The documents below provide an introduction to our Mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics.